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    We Are the best Healthcare and Gas Company

    Bharath Healthcare Gas System (BHGS) is a leading professional in Installation of Medical Gas Pipeline Systems (MGPS), Supply of Medical Equipment including Medical Copper Pipes, Gas Outlets, Manifold Systems, Bed Head Panels, Surgical & ICU Pendants.

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    Service provider since 2007.The hard work and commitment of 15+ years and 20+ employees made it what it is, a brand name recognized across India for its quality and client promise. Also we’re prime provider of medical equipment for general purpose hospitals, Traumacentres, Rehabilitation hospitals, children’s hospitals, seniors’ (geriatric) hospitals, and hospitals for dealing with specific medical needs such as certain disease categories such as cardiac, oncology, or orthopedic problems.

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    MGPS Healthcare Facilities overview

    MGPSs play a vital role in healthcare facilities, making the optimization of facility management from the beginning a top priority. These Medical Gas Pipeline Systems are crucial life-saving systems in healthcare settings, delivering medical gases for various clinical applications, and have revolutionized patient care. 

    Ensuring patient safety is paramount throughout the design, installation, commissioning, and operation of MGPSs. Healthcare systems are complex and critical, encompassing interconnected components such as humans, organizational structures, technology, tools, equipment, and control systems. Providing a secure work environment is a significant challenge in hospital infrastructure.

    At Bharath Healthcare Gas System, we are dedicated to providing hospitals with essential medical gases, including oxygen and medical air, ensuring safe and reliable delivery. Our reputation for excellence in installing and maintaining medical gas systems in hospital environments is highly regarded by reputable healthcare facilities. 


    Our company, with Abundant Technical force, has the capacity of independent Design, Installation and Maintenance Service to more than 100 hospitals all over India.

    The system

    Bharath HealthCare Gas System of conveying gases constantly at the specific pressure and flow through copper pipeline in different areas of Hospital from source units O2, N2O, Medical Air, Surgical Air, CO2, AGSS, and Vacuum system.

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    Bharath HealthCare Gas System is an organization responsible for timely delivery and client satisfaction with superior build quality, aesthtically appealing medical equipment and finest quality medical gases being it’s forte and catering to various healthcare organization and institutions. Bharath HealthCare Gas System employs latest fixing technologies and advanced brazing techniques to achieve the desired goals.

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    Medical copper pipes

    Copper Pipes confirm to Htm-02-01 guideline conforming to EN 13348 : 2001 with in corporation of Amemdment A-1 :2005 (Previously BS - En1057 : 1996) Bs 2871 part-1 Table X)

    medical copper fittings

    Copper and Feet Fittings are Decreased Complaint to EN 1254-1 and BS-864, port 2 as per HTM 02-01 and are suitable for Jointing Decreased medical Gas Copper Tube


    Automated Control Panel is a attached 2-4 banks having multiple gas cylinders. Automated Control Panel system contains analog pressure meter of displaying pressure of each incoming bank and main

    isolation gas ball valve oxygen purpose

    Imported Decreased Oxygen Compatible brass, Ball Valves, tested as per EN 331-1998 and Compliant to DIN, AGA, CALOR gas families Certified internationally with S/o

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    Bharath Healthcare System was established in 2008, specializing as a premier medical gas service provider. Through 14+ years of dedicated effort and the commitment of our 20+ skilled employees, we have built a reputable brand recognized across India for our unwavering commitment to quality and client satisfaction. Additionally, we are a leading supplier of medical equipment, serving general purpose hospitals, trauma centers, rehabilitation facilities, children’s hospitals, geriatric institutions, and specialized hospitals catering to specific medical needs like cardiac, oncology, or orthopedic treatments.

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