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We Are the best Healthcare and Gas Company

Bharath Healthcare Gas System (BHGS) is a leading professional in Installation of Medical Gas Pipeline Systems (MGPS), Supply of Medical Equipment including Medical Copper Pipes, Gas Outlets, Manifold Systems, Bed Head Panels, Surgical & ICU Pendants.

our history

Service provider since 2007.The hard work and commitment of 15+ years and 20+ employees made it what it is, a brand name recognized across India for its quality and client promise. Also we’re prime provider of medical equipment for general purpose hospitals, Traumacentres, Rehabilitation hospitals, children’s hospitals, seniors’ (geriatric) hospitals, and hospitals for dealing with specific medical needs such as certain disease categories such as cardiac, oncology, or orthopedic problems.

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Our strength

medical gas pipeline design & distribution system

Supply, Installations & maintenance

Our company, with Abundant Technical force, has the capacity of independent Design, Installation and Maintenance Service to more than 100 hospitals all over India.

The system

Bharath Healthcare Gas System of conveying gases constantly at the specific pressure and flow through copper pipe line in different areas of Hospital from source units O2, N2O, Medical Air, Surgical Air, CO2, AGSS, and Vacuum system.

Mission & vission

To provide the best quality healthcare equipment that: PATIENTS recommend to family and friends, PHYSICIANS prefer for their patients, PURCHASERS select for their clients, EMPLOYEES are proud of, and INVESTORS seek for long term returns. We source the equipments and gasses from firms we know and brands we trust, supporting our communities and creating meaningful relationships with those around us. To offer the customer the best possible service, selection, quality and value.

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